Why does early childhood education matter? 

90% of brain development happens before the age of 6.

In the first few years, nearly a million neural connections are made in the brain per second!

The experiences that children have in this early stage shape these connections and

build the brain's foundation for the rest of the life.

Evidence shows that investing in a healthy start increases the probability of a child's success at school and later at workplace and the community.

Why enrol in Lil Boats' Learn@Home programme?

1. Our programme builds a strong academic foundation for your child and closes learning gaps

2. Minimal screen time for the child

3. We provide the roadmap and tools that equip you to engage your child with confidence

4. You will be able to support your child's developmental needs

5. Our educators will connect with you throughout the programme to address your concerns and questions

6. All you need is an hour per day 

What are the highlights of the Programme?


Structured Curriculum

Our curriculum is aligned with NCERT and Highscope guidelines and is inspired by the principle of active learning.


Holistic Programme

Our curriculum develops not just the intellect but also the physical, emotional and creative skills of the child.


Hands-on learning

Our learning kit is designed to provide multi-sensory and hands-on learning experiences to children. 


Parent engagement

An academic counselor will be assigned to you to guide you through the entire programme. 


Minimal screen time

A 20-40-minute live session packed with simple and fun activities for social interaction and creative expression.


Flexible timings

All you require is 60 minutes per day. This can be broken down into 2 to 3 sessions depending on your convenience.


What you can expect

Level 1_Practivity Box.png

Toy Box

Level-1: 115 games

Level-2: 95 games

+ Manual & video demos


Academic Books

14 books

Theme books, Workbooks & Practice books

Activity Scheduler_edited.jpg

Activity Planner

Weekly activity Schedule

Detailed Instructions


Distance Learning

Academic sessions

Optional In-person or 

online live classes 

Concept / Check-in sessions

Kid's Drawings

Enrichment sessions

Optional online live sessions

Creativity & Movement

Group Interaction

Pencil and notepad

Progress Card



Customised plans

Academic counselor.jpg

Academic counsellor

Weekly calls



Image by Brands&People


Digital certificate

on 75% successful completion

based on assessment data

Choose a level

Please note that the ages mentioned here are suggestive.
It helps to consider your child's developmental stage / learning achievements to decide on the level. 


Vocabulary building

Introduction to Phonics

Introduction to reading words

Stories and Rhymes


Quantity and number associations 1-10

Sequencing numbers 1-10

Pre-math concepts like less-more,

heavy-light etc

Logical reasoning (Puzzles and patterns)


Aware of differences between

rough-smooth, loud-soft etc

Improve fine and gross motor skills through handwork, games etc

LEVEL -1 (2.5 - 4 years)


Vocabulary building

Read blend words &

words with phonograms

Stories and Songs


Quantity and number associations 1-20

Introduction to units and tens


Pre-math concepts like long-longer-longest

Logical reasoning (Puzzles and patterns)


Discriminates and names sounds, smells, textures etc

Refine eye hand coordination through Art, handwork etc

LEVEL - 2 (4 - 5 years)
Choose a Plan

 Remote learning & In-Person tutoring services are available to meet the varied needs of families.
Select the option that best suits you and your child.


9 months + Bonus 1 month

Optional Live online academic sessions 

(on additional pay)

2 weeks free trial period


Termly subscriptions

Online live Enrichment sessions

(More on additional Pay)

1 free demo session


 Please call us at +91 9344326950 to know about fee details.