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Education that respects children & protects Childhood

"Relationships are based on four principles: Respect, understanding, acceptance and appreciation" 

- Gandhiji 

We believe that every person is worthy of respect, irrespective of their age. Respect & empathy is the foundation of our relationship with children and it is from this space that we respond to their needs. At Lil Boats, we believe that every child is unique and is valued for who he/she is. 


‘You can’t make a plant grow by pulling it upwards’

At Lil Boats, we see childhood not as a phase to be rushed but as a phase to be cherished and savoured. We allow children to grow and learn at their own unique pace. While notions like ‘Grow up fast’ and ‘Hurry up or fall behind’ are increasingly normalized, we believe that children must be protected from the accelerated pace of life. Inspired by the wisdom of Montessori, we trust children with the freedom to develop according to their own natural rhythms. In doing so, we help them become healthy & grounded individuals who are capable of meeting their destiny with clarity, commitment & strength. 

Our Vision

our philosophy

The promise of Renewed Education

"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire"

- Unknown author

The conventional model of education is built on a one-size-fits & top-down approach. The assumption that all children learn in the same way is problematic as it turns a blind eye to the unique talents and dispositions of a child. This not only stifles the natural learning process but also thwarts individual development and diversity. The top-down approach, in which the teacher transmits information and children receive it passively, has led to a widespread culture of memorisation without understanding. In this information age where one can access data at the click of a button, educational methods that focus on rote learning have lost relevance. Besides, learning is often divorced from real-life experiences and is confined to textbook content. This neither offers meaningful experiences nor equips children with the skills necessary to become critical thinkers and problem-solvers. 


"Don't limit a child to your own learning, for he was born in another time"

- Rabindranath Tagore


In the modern world of today, where everything is changing so rapidly, how do we prepare children for the unpredictable world they will inherit? Do we want schools to focus merely on the myopic aim of academic success or embrace a larger vision of ‘education for life’?

Lil Boats was born out of a quest for an education that is nourishing, meaningful and relevant. Our vision is to equip children to meet the world with competence, kindness and responsibility. We approach education holistically and aspire to cultivate a love for learning. Our philosophy and practices stem from the work of educators like Montessori, Weikam, Steiner, Gandhi, Tagore etc.


Our Philosophy

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